A very textured caterpillar! He was thirsty.


Blog 3:1

Self Portrait at 29

Albrecht Durer


This is one of Durer’s most popular self portraits. He is emulated a pose with his hand almost in the position of giving a blessing and made with a similarity to Christ.


I think maybe I could try to change his hand into a making a peace sign, perhaps give him modern clothes, or maybe have him appear to be making a current self portrait via cell phone and mirror! Silly possibilities.

Poster on the wall… finally!

Just hanging out with Jack and the Mad Caddies. Bunny mask says hi.

I had so much trouble getting this on here! My internet stopped working some what so I figured I would do it at school. WordPress likes to not work a lot. Not sure if anyone has the issue where the buttons do not bring you anywhere. Anyway, somehow, I got it to let me post. Yey!

P2 Poster


It is on the wall right now and there is a kerning issue!! I fixed it here, but man, I put that on display?

Project 2 Sketches

Just some text I was going to have move around the poster

I had a caged elephant, then moved to an elephant with the shadow of a cage over him. Trapped but not trapped.

This is more from their album “Thank you, Happy Birthday”. I wanted to take just the eyes and use the smoke to go around their name,