Project 1, Exercise 1:3 Photo Editing Basics










Before and after


I started with using Highpass to sharpen the image which helped clarify the focused area even more. I flipped the image and I liked the feather being on the right; it worked better with the tilted angle the feather is at.

I did some changes in curves, exposure and gamma to improve the light and darken part of the feather. I then burned the top part of the feather to add to it’s lightness and I also burned the blue rocks to emphasize their color.

I think it was successful in adding a small amount of color without taking away from the feather. There is more detail noticed in the ground that is in focus. I think the feather would work on either side of the image, but putting it to the right is a small change that I prefer, the end almost swooping out of the image.


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