Good Design

Elephant-pointillism - DS Williams

Pointillism is an excellent style that requires some dedication. I mean, look at that elephant. Black and white, pretty classy. The shadows are in there, giving this guy dimension. That texture detail in the trunk and the foreleg is amazing, you would definitely imagine feeling an elephant if you touched it. But don’t. That’s pen and you might smear it. Or put fingerprints on your computer screen to be more accurate.

The eye captures the the whitest shade and the blackest shade of the image. Convenient. The light reflecting in the eye makes it rounded. Something I need to work on. I had to draw an egg last semester. Harder then it sounds.

Anyway, pointillism! Millions of dots making an expertly cropped elephant. Or the artist had a hand cramp a quarter of the way through the picture. Kidding! Cropping can take a picture from blah, to bam! Elephant in the face! Beautiful.

More from the artist:


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