Project 1 Exercise 1:5 Photo Montage

I prefer the Fly Over Enclosure image, there seems to be more going on. I like mixing black and white images with color images, and in this one the color brings you to the top of the ride and points out to the riders and the surroundings.


Project 1, Exercise 1:3 Photo Editing Basics










Before and after


I started with using Highpass to sharpen the image which helped clarify the focused area even more. I flipped the image and I liked the feather being on the right; it worked better with the tilted angle the feather is at.

I did some changes in curves, exposure and gamma to improve the light and darken part of the feather. I then burned the top part of the feather to add to it’s lightness and I also burned the blue rocks to emphasize their color.

I think it was successful in adding a small amount of color without taking away from the feather. There is more detail noticed in the ground that is in focus. I think the feather would work on either side of the image, but putting it to the right is a small change that I prefer, the end almost swooping out of the image.


I stopped  because the lines on such an object would usually be parallel, but time has broken up their alignment. This trailer has been deteriorating and I can’t help but  be attracted to damage caused by age.


The slats here are much more structured with parallel and perpendicular lines. I stopped for the lines and stayed for the close-up of the wood grain.


Lines can be ominous. These ones go off into the distance, covered with sharp small lines branching out. It is almost a silhouette, focusing on the structure.


The lines here interact with the main shape. Leading to and going away from it. It is something we see everyday, but we don’t really focus on the form. I liked the lighting hitting the right side, leaving a darkness in parts of the left.


The lines the cables create are what drew me to this part of the power line. They almost feel to be spilling out haphazardly, but also crossing over each other making little bits of negative space.

Good Design

Elephant-pointillism - DS Williams

Pointillism is an excellent style that requires some dedication. I mean, look at that elephant. Black and white, pretty classy. The shadows are in there, giving this guy dimension. That texture detail in the trunk and the foreleg is amazing, you would definitely imagine feeling an elephant if you touched it. But don’t. That’s pen and you might smear it. Or put fingerprints on your computer screen to be more accurate.

The eye captures the the whitest shade and the blackest shade of the image. Convenient. The light reflecting in the eye makes it rounded. Something I need to work on. I had to draw an egg last semester. Harder then it sounds.

Anyway, pointillism! Millions of dots making an expertly cropped elephant. Or the artist had a hand cramp a quarter of the way through the picture. Kidding! Cropping can take a picture from blah, to bam! Elephant in the face! Beautiful.

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